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Not my horo, but just what I need

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Temple Grandin is a successful autistic person.
Diagnosed at an early age, she nevertheless went on to earn a PhD in
Animal Science and became a bestselling author whose work has led to
notable improvements in the humane treatment of livestock. Although
she acknowledges that her autism has caused her problems, she also
believes it gives her abilities that non-autistic people don't have. For
example, her extreme sensitivity and extraordinary visual memory are at
the root of her unique insights into the needs of animals. If there were an
instant cure for her autism, she says, she wouldn't take it. She's an
advocate of neurodiversity. Now here's my question for you, Libra: Do
you have a supposed weakness or disability that's actually an inherent
part of one of your special talents? Celebrate and cultivate it this week.



Whoa, Rob. You've made me blush a little!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
In 2010, you will have more cosmic assistance than you've had in a long time whenever you seek to increase your experience of pleasure. Do you want to get more sensual joy out of eating and drinking and dancing and listening to music? This is your year. Do you want to heighten your perceptiveness and find more beauty in the world and cultivate new ways to stimulate positive feelings and liberating emotions? This is your year. Do you want to intensify your orgasms and have more of them and learn how to use them to enhance your spiritual power? This is your year. And the coming weeks will be one of the best times in 2010 to move from charging up your pleasure to supercharging it. Happy Valentine Daze, Pisces!



Just for the record: Sick vs. well

Here are the dates I've been sick this fall/winter (to the best of my memory):

9/28 Broke my nose

Sick 9/29-10/3 (5 days)
Well for 25 days

Sick 10/27-11/1 (6 days)
Well for 3 days

Sick 11/5-11/10 (6 days)
Well for 5 days

Sick 11/16-11/23 (8 days)
Well for 3 days

Sick 11/27-12/2 (6 days)
Well for 7 days

Sick 12/10-


Quote from "A Reasonable Life"

"Most of you might dismiss this as the raving of some idealist who simply doesn't fit into the modern, well-ordered world. That's probably true. But where exactly do you yourself fit in? Where and when in this world do you feel wildly happy? Or truly free? Or fiercely alive, or at peace, or even just content? i don't think these emotions are an extravagant luxury. I would think them to be the norm among a species that trumpets itself superior to all others in both intellect and spirit. I would think them the norm in anybody's life, and if they're not, then perhaps he doesn't fit into the world any more than I. And if, as it seems, so many of us live without experiencing these emotions, living the ilfe of a restless drone, if so many of us qualify as Freud's 'civilization's discontents,' then perhaps it is not we who don't fit into this world, but it is this world that does not fit in with us.

And if this is true, then perhaps it's time we stop changing ourselves to death. Stop changing jobs, cars, houses, wives and husbands, the color of our hair, the size of our thighs or our bank accounts. None of these have worked together or alone. And if all of this self-changing has brought no lasting joy, then why do we believe that the next one will bring salvation? Maybe it's time to leave ourselves alone. Maybe it's time instead to change the world"

p. 66-67

Whoa, Rob. Are you always so right on?

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
I hope you won't merely wander around the frontier. I hope you'll undertake a meticulous yet expansive exploration of that virgin territory. Here are some tips on how to proceed: 1. Formulate specific questions about what you're looking for. 2. Develop a hypothesis for the experiments you want to carry out. 3. Ignore what doesn't interest you and pounce only on what stirs your fascination. Halloween costume suggestion: an alien anthropologist visiting Earth from another planet; a time-traveler from the future who's doing a documentary on this historical moment; a religious pilgrim who's keeping a detailed journal.



Gosh, this is exciting

I wonder what my forbidden fruit is?

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
A delicious forbidden fruit will be more available than usual in the coming weeks. You can choose to ignore it, of course. You can pretend it's not even there and instead concentrate on the less forbidden fruits that are tasty enough. Or, on the other hand, you can sidle up closer to the forbidden fruit and engage in some discreet explorations, testing subtly to see whether it's any healthier for your sanity than it used to be. I'm not sure what the best decision is, Pisces, but I do suggest this: Don't just rip off all your defenses, forget all your commitments, and start heedlessly taking big bites out of the forbidden fruit.




I just want to mark this moment - today, I am bathing in happiness.  Life is just about perfect.  There are some circumstances that induce the joy, but mostly it's an attitude.  Every moment is inspiration. I love it.

So I said to myself

You can breathe and still be cool.


Beauty and joy

Ladies and gentlemen, the divine Ms. Sarah McLachlan.


Kiva's response

It's actually pretty good. And yeah, it's the cultural lens.

Hello Ariel,

Thanks so much for your email.

At Kiva, we trust our field partners (microfinance institutions) to determine whether or not a loan request is appropriate, as long as the loan falls into our permitted loan activity.

We trust our field partners to make these decisions, because they are familiar with the communities and cultures where our entrepreneurs live and work.  Whereas, a loan might seem offensive to one person, it may be perfectly reasonable in another cultural context.

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be joining other lenders on Kiva.org, but I understand and respect your decision.

Best wishes,
Ben Ewing

Kiva Customer Service
Loans That Change Lives